Road maintenance and traffic management

Tariston AS, subsidiary of Nordecon, is performing year-round maintenance works on the national roads in Harju, Järva, and Hiiu Counties, covering the total of over 2000 kilometres

The company has been engaged in maintenance of national roads in Järva and Hiiu Counties since 2002.

Lengthy maintenance experience, a modern equipment park and professional team are the reasons the Road Administration has signed a maintenance contract for national roads for all the aforementioned maintenance areas for the coming years, too – in Järva and Hiiu Counties until 2016 and in Harju County until 2018. The responsibility of the maintenance provider is to ensure maintenance of the road and road protection zone, including snow removal and de-icing in winter, to perform preservation repairs, to arrange road use and other activities related to road maintenance. Our wish and objective is to provide road users with safe and stress-free traffic conditions on main state roads and side roads all year round.

Tariston is also providing complete traffic management solutions – drawing up of traffic management projects, traffic management during construction works, and production and installation of stationary traffic management devices.

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks regarding issues related to national roads, please call the Road Information Centre on 1510.

Further information:

  • Complete traffic management services and maintenance and installation of traffic management equipment – Maintenance Manager Enn Truska,
    phone: +372 515 5709