Production and paving of asphalt concrete

Nordecon has been engaged in asphalt works since 1990 and in the production of asphalt mixes from 1999. 

Today, Nordecon produces asphalt concrete mixes in three mobile plants throughout Estonia. The engineering company Vahter & Hendrikson has issued a factory production control certificates to Nordecon for producing AC,  SMA and PA mixes, which confirms that the production process in Nordecon asphalt mix plants complies with harmonised standards.

The production unit is supported by labs, located in the near vicinity of the plants and constantly testing the indicators of the produced mix. Sustainable control over the mix provides feedback to production, which enables to change the recipe of the mixture or adjust the course of production, if needed.

The company has three teams to pave roads with high-quality asphalt. Most of the workers have more than 10 years of experience in this field. The road pavement uses modern equipment, which is constantly maintained to ensure uninterrupted work and the best possible quality. Our staff is provided with in-service training each year, to allow working with innovative machinery and to improve personal skills in the given area.

For several years the asphalt paving laid by Nordecon has earned the title of the smoothest roads in Estonia. Nordecon is a member of the Estonian Asphalt Pavement Association.

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