Nordecon AS started development of the area of mining activities at the Group in 2008. As of 2017, coordination and development of the work of the construction material quarries is taken over by Tariston AS, subsidiary of Nordecon AS.

The aim of the mining unit of Tariston AS is to support the construction activities of the Group as well as all partners, incl. road maintenance works, with the required fillers and products (crushed stone, crushed gravel, etc.).

Mining as an area of activity supporting the principle activity of the Group has two important purposes: development of the mining operations (continuous work to discover and take into use potential sites for construction material quarries) and supplying of the construction sites of the company and the partners with high-quality filling materials.

Nordecon AS is one of the largest main contractors in Estonia in the construction of large-scale infrastructure objects. Both the search for potential construction material quarries and taking into use of the potential quarries are based on the planning of construction sites of national importance and the company’s strategy to serve as a reliable partner in bringing such construction projects to life.

From the quarries in use, the Group as well as all partners are supplied with high-quality construction materials while ensuring that all environmental protection requirements are observed in the course of the activity, which exploits environmental resources.

The products of the bulk material quarries of Tariston AS is certified – the quality of the products is inspected and verified pursuant to the production management manual and the developed plan of taking samples.

Further information about the contract details, locations of the quarries, the materials and products supplied and the quality thereof can be found on the website of Tariston AS, subsidiary of Nordecon AS:

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