Nordecon has been engaged in building port constructions and hydraulic structures for fifteen years.

Thanks to its team of experienced engineering technicians and trustworthy partners in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe, we are able to offer waterproof solutions for the design and construction of port quays and structures. After Estonia regained its independence, we actively participated in the building, reconstruction and expansion processes of all of the biggest ports in Estonia  – Sillamäe, Muuga, Paldiski and Virtsu harbours and in Tallinn. Thanks to over 20 large-scale projects related to hydraulic structures, Nordecon is the construction company with the biggest port building experience in Estonia.

The biggest works completed in recent years are:

  • Construction of the boat harbour by Sõpruse Bridge
  • Design and construction of wharf #12-15 at Sillamäe Harbour
  • Mule of the Port of Virtsu, quay no. 8 and storage depots;
  • Quays no. 8 and 9 together with rear storage depots of the Paldiski South Harbour; and
  • Eastern and western mules of Sillamäe Harbour including quays and 2 fuel quays.

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