Outdoor utility lines and water treatment

The main environmental engineering activities of Nordecon are construction of outdoor utility lines and drinking water and waste water treatment. The company has extensive experience in constructing and reconstructing various line solutions, pumping stations, purifiers etc., which make it possible to find solutions even to the most complicated problems.

The biggest works completed in recent years are:

  • reconstruction of Paide and Türisalu (Keila - Joa) wastewater treatment plant;
  • Pärnu-Jaagupi water treatment plant;
  • Haljala wastewater treatment plant;
  • construction of water and sewerage lines in Saaremaa, Pärnu, Rae, Loo and Maardu with a total length of app. 147 km;
  • construction of waste water systems in Põltsamaa, Aseri, Kadrina and Kose;
  • drinking water systems in Muraste, Keila and Aseri; and
  • drinking water and fire water systems and domestic and rain water sewerage and drainage systems at Koidula border station.

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