Bridges and viaducts

The experience of Nordecon in the field of building bridges and viaducts enables us to offer such design and/or construction services as main contracting or subcontracting regardless of the structure, type or material of the span.

We can handle all constructions – structures made of concrete, steel, wood and composite structures. Regardless of the users of the completed projects – be it pedestrians, cars or trains – together with our subsidiary Nordecon Betoon we are the biggest company in Estonia regarding the design and construction competence of new bridges and those to be rebuilt.

The biggest works completed in recent years are:

  • Railway overpass at the Topi intersection
  • bridges and viaducts at Aruvalla - Kose road section (11 in total);
  • viaducts at IV construction area of the western detour of Tartu (2 in total);
  • viaducts at I construction area of the eastern detour of Tartu (1 in total);
  • bridges and viaducts in Koidula border station (7 in total);
  • bridges and viaducts at the Mäo intersection (5 in total); and
  • Valga railway overpasses (2 in total) and reconstruction of Papiniidu bridge in Pärnu.

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