Sale of apartments

Finished projects

  • Võidujooksu 8C

    Modern apartment building in Tallinn, Võidujooksu Street.

  • Aruküla tee 2, 4, 6

    Three well-designed small apartment buildings that are located a 5-minute drive from the center of Tartu.

  • Nõmme tee 97, Tallinn

    Modern apartment building in Linnuküla, a peaceful and green residential area, where private houses alternate with apartment buildings.

  • Hane 2, 2a Kristiine

    The Hane apartment houses will be built in the peaceful Tallinn district of Kristiine, which is also passed through by one of the city’s main public roads – Sõpruse avenue.  A street front comprising of high quality apartment houses and commercial buildings is being developed around the avenue. The  green gardens area of Linnuküla is a home for small-scale and low apartment- and private houses. Good access to transportation networks, business- and commercial centres. The planned Hane apartment houses will be situated on the quiet Hane street near Sõpruse avenue.

  • Haki 7, Haraka 6, Tammelinn, Tartu

    Construction has started on the Haki 7 apartment house, scheduled to be completed in March 2018 and on the Haraka 6 apartment house, scheduled to be completed in October 2018. The district is characterised as quiet with good transportation links.

  • Magasini 29, Tallinn

    The terraced housing being constructed is situated on Magasini street in the appealing Veerenni area. The quiet and green district is only a 10-minute walk away from city centre.