Nordecon AS Finished Construction of New Water Treatment Plant in Paide

18. august 2014

The opening ceremony of the new water treatment plant in Paide will take place tomorrow, on 19 August. Its construction began in May 2013. The cost of the facility turned out to be approximately 6.6 million euros, net of VAT. The construction was ordered by AS Paide Vesi, and the designers were OÜ Aqua Baltic and Eesti Veeprojekt OÜ.

Nordecon group’s gross profit grows to 4.2 million euros in first half of year

07. august 2014

The Nordecon group’s gross profit grew to 4.2 million euros in the first half of 2014, representing a gross profit margin of 6.2%. During the same period last year the group’s gross profit was 3.3 million euros, with a gross profit margin of 4.3%. Its sales revenue in the first half of 2014 was 67.44 million euros. Nordecon’s portfolio of work in progress covered by construction contracts currently amounts to 87 million euros.

Watch a railway overpass being erected in just 48 hours under Nordecon’s guidance!

06. august 2014

Eesti Raudtee granted permission for all rail traffic on the Tallinn-Keila line to be suspended for 48 hours on 19 & 20 July so as to allow the team from Nordecon AS constructing the connecting road between Juuliku and Tabasalu to erect a completely new railway overpass at the Topi intersection.

Nordecon has entered into a design and construction contract for construction section 5 of the western part of the Tartu bypass

25. july 2014

Nordecon AS and the Estonian Road Administration entered into a contract today for the performance of design and construction work on construction section 5 of the western part of the Tartu bypass. The work comprises the renovation of the road section leading to the airport intersection and the construction of four overpasses and one tunnel. The construction work will cost 8.6 million euros (before VAT).