22. Sep 2017

Yesterday, ceremonial opening of Viimsi Äritare office building was held

Yesterday, a ceremonial event to mark completion of the construction of Viimsi Äritare – the first modern office building in Viimsi, located at 3 Paadi Road in the centre of Haabneeme -  was held. The surface area of Viimsi Äritare is approximately 8,000 m2. There are premises for commercial undertakings and catering companies on the ground floor and offices on the first and second floor, with room for approximately 200 jobs in total in the building. As a gift from the Rotary Club of Viimsi, a bench dubbed Viimsi Äripink was unveiled in front of the building.

“The office building, which was ceremonially opened today, marks the beginning of a completely novel way of thinking in Viimsi: while Viimsi has so far been a place where people come home to after work, the new commercial building in the heart of Viimsi enables to bring jobs closer to home. This is of pivotal importance for Viimsi,” said Rein Loik, the Rural Municipality Mayor of Viimsi. “Approximately 70% of the residents of Viimsi are believed to be connected to Tallinn - most people work in Tallinn, as there are few jobs on offer in Viimsi. The new and beautiful building with high-quality office premises provides an opportunity to create more interesting jobs here, closer to home.”

“In my opinion, the most important argument in the favour of Viimsi Äritare for the tenants is the fact that the time which would be spent on driving to Tallinn and back in the morning and in the evening can be used to do better things,” said Mari-Anne Jaagant, Head of Development of Kaarsilla Kinnisvara. “Construction of the building began in September 2016, the works were completed on schedule, and the first tenants have moved in. Viimsi Äritare offers various options for the tenants - we have larger as well as very small premises on offer and the sizes of the premises can also be adjusted, as needed. A special feature of the building is a light shaft with glass roof in the middle - this ensures natural light for all rooms.” 

“Kaarsilla Kinnisvara is a highly experienced developer, whom we enjoyed very good cooperation with, which resulted in a beautiful, functional, and high-quality building,” said Erkki Suurorg, Board Member of Nordecon AS. “Even though there are many commercial premises, including new commercial premises, on offer in Tallinn and the tenants have a wide selection to choose from, Äritare certainly marks a very important milestone for Viimsi. The new and high-quality office premises undoubtedly provide a reason for coming to Viimsi from elsewhere.”

 To celebrate the opening of Viimsi Äritare, the Rotary Club of Viimsi donated a dignified bench, which was handed over at the opening ceremony of the building. The bench, designed by a world-famous industrial designer, Martin Szekely, was named Viimsi Äripink (‘The Business Bench of Viimsi’). The idea is to provide the enterprising people of Viimsi a place to sit and think innovative thoughts in their free time, which will help the business and entrepreneurship in Viimsi to grow. Hopefully, quite a few ideas to promote the life in Viimsi will be born on this bench.

“The opening of Viimsi Äritare as a completely novel building for Viimsi motivates us to seriously pull ourselves together, even though it is the summer season,” said Tõnu Tuulas, President of Viimsi RC. “We wanted to acknowledge Kaarsilla Kinnisvara for the forward-looking investment and for the brave step. To value their initiative. Everything that is done in the name of better, more interesting, and happier future of Viimsi is warmly welcomed by the Rotarians of Viimsi.”

 The building was designed by architect Jüri Siim of the architecture bureau Siim & Põllumaa. The 3-level building of Viimsi Äritare spans roughly over 8,000 m2, with premises for commercial undertakings and catering companies on the ground floor and offices of various sizes on the first and second floor. The sizes and fittings of the offices can be changed, as needed. There is room for 47 cars in the underground car park of Äritare and there are further 59 parking spaces outside.