11. Sep 2017

Topping-out ceremony of office building with views of Tallinn airport held in √úlemiste City campus today

The topping-out ceremony of the new office building at Lõõtsa 12 in Tallinn, which has now reached its maximum height of 45 metres, was held in Ülemiste City campus. This is the highest building permitted in the neighbourhood of the airport, which offers views of the airport and Lake Ülemiste. Construction will be completed in the first half of 2018.

“Ülemiste City is one of the fastest developing regions of Tallinn and it has great potential,” said Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson. “The tram line to the airport that was opened in September runs though Ülemiste City, thereby improving its transport connections and possibilities. I believe that Ülemiste will become particularly attractive to companies whose employees have to travel a lot.”

According to Gert Jostov, CEO of the developer of Ülemiste City, Technopolis Ülemiste AS, the market for office premises in Tallinn remains active. An estimated 100,000 m2 of new office premises will be completed in Tallinn from 2017-2018. “The trend is to gradually replace older rental premises with new ones,” added Jostov. “New office buildings are also considerably more energy efficient. A new office is also a breath of fresh air and moving is a very reasonable decision for many companies.”

“In addition to cost effectiveness, the new 13-storey office building has another advantage - its special location,” explained Gert Jostov. “The building is located right next to the terminal of the Tallinn Airport and it offers great views of the airport and Lake Ülemiste. The location is particularly good for companies that have international employees or whose employees need to fly frequently.”

“The office building of aviator Alexandre Liwentaal has reached its full height and we can already tell what it will look like inside and how the people who will be working here can enjoy views that are like little flights,” said Board Member of Nordecon AS Erkki Suurorg. “According to tradition, the topping-out ceremony shows that the customer is satisfied so far, which is a positive motivator and gives us and our partners more energy for the final effort.”

The new office building will have ca 10,000 m² of space and it will be named after Alexandre Liwentaal, an aviation promoter with Estonian roots. A new car park will be built at the same time at Lõõtsa 11.

The Liwentaal office building is architecturally distinctive and stands out, and it will be built according to the standards of the Leed Gold certification, which means that the building complies with strict requirements in terms of environmental sustainability, energy use, construction and building materials.