15. Apr 2019

Today the construction of the Veskitammi junction will start again

Construction work was started on national road No 4 in spring 2018 at 13.0–13.7 kilometers of the Tallinn – Pärnu – Ikla road, or at the Veskitammi junction. Construction work stopped during the winter and continues from today.

“Last year the main volume of excavation and filling works was carried out at the construction site of Veskitammi junction, communications were established, and tunnels were built,”said Ain Pähkel, Director of Road Construction. "However, communications need to be built, and excavation needs to be completed on the streets to the left of the road and at the exit of Jälgimäe-TOP distributor road.  As a more extensive work, the action plan also includes the installation of the last two coatings on the entire object. ”


When planning work, special attention is paid to the smooth running of the truck traffic. Considering the work to be carried out this year, 2 + 1 lanes traffic management is mainly used for the main road, especially during the installation of the last asphalt layers of the main road.


What do road users and local residents have to take into account?


The construction of the Veskitammi junction includes a partial reconstruction of the streets of Laagri small town: Nõlvaku, Vanasilla, Seljaku. During the construction work, the old road is excavated, and new construction layers are built, and communications are renewed. As the streets to be reconstructed are narrow, it is not possible to use a partial closing of the street during the construction work, and the aforementioned streets will be closed and gradually opened to ensure the functioning of the local traffic.


Although the concrete works of the three pedestrian tunnels in Laagri small town were completed last year and were open to road users for the winter period, the tunnels will be closed again for road users from tomorrow.  Pedestrians are temporarily diverted via the railway and through a temporary traffic light adjusted gateway to Laagri Selver. The closure of the tunnels is necessary for the installation of asphalt pavement and permanent lighting in the tunnels, and removal of graffiti.

The reopening of the Veskitammi level crossing to traffic is planned for May.