10. Nov 2016

Today Järveküla school was festively opened

A new Nordic style school building, which houses primary school building, atrium with a lunch room and assembly hall and the basic school with sports centre, hobby school and library was completed in Peetri district in Rae municipality. Today, on 10 November the first solemn ceremony – the inauguration- was held at school.

“The construction of a school building and its interior went hand-in-hand and so we found solutions which best support organizing teaching and ensure a safe school environment. There’s room for cooperation and independent work, “said the Head of Järveküla school Mare Räis. “It’s a pleasure to cooperate when the aim is to find the best and working solution and there’s will to be innovative. This is the mentality we would like our youth to have when we will be sending them off after a couple of years.”

Rae municipality mayor Mart Võrklaev is pleased that at the 150th anniversary the municipality opens its fifth school. “We have received the most modern school building that has excellent conditions to promote community life and people in all ages can keep their physique and spirit healthy. I have a feeling that the three part building complex of Järveküla school will play a crucial role in the educational and community life of our municipality, “said Mart Võrklaev.

The Mayor Mart Võrklaev approves the cooperation with the constructor Nordecon and commends them for managing with the fast pace of construction. “The constructor handed the primary school building over by 1 September and this made the school possible to start teaching from the beginning of the school year,” said Võrklaev.

“Usually people in Estonia talk about what to do with the empty school buildings – today opening here this completely new school building, I have a very special feeling – this is a great event,” said the Chairman of the board of AS Nordecon Jaano Vink. “It is very important that children attended a good school as close to home as possible. Rae is a high-growth municipality where new buildings are constructed and people are moving to live, and educated and hardworking people are our only wealth.”

Järveküla school has room for three sets of classes, the third floor of the building complex will also house Rae Hobby School. The school’s sports centre has its own swimming pool, which can be used after school by the entire community. In addition to swimming trainings, there is a possibility to conduct exercise or dance trainings: up on the next floor of the swimming area there is a 300 m2 hall, plus fitness studio of 150 m2 and dressing rooms with washing facilities. A sports ground of 36 x 60 meters surrounded by a jogging track to play ball games and do athletics belong also to the school building.

The project of Järveküla school was designed by SWECO Projekt AS, the leading architect is Ahti Kooskora. The team consisted of the architects Maret Volens, Andres Volens, Loona Kikkas, Erko Luhaaru ja Peep Urb. The interior architects of the school building is Margit Teikari ja Tuuli Trei. The school surrounding is designed by a landscape architect Piret Kirs.