05. Jun 2017

Tartu Art College, Tartu Cultural Capital Foundation, and Nordecon signed a cooperation agreement

Yesterday, on 4 June, Tartu Art College (TAC), Tartu Cultural Capital Foundation, and Nordecon AS entered into a cooperation agreement on the basis of which scholarships will be awarded from the Linnaehitus Foundation to students of the Department of Painting of the TAC who have exhibited good academic achievements and have also been active in the field of their specialty outside of the curriculum.

“The scholarship will allow talented students to commit to their creation. Founding of the scholarship is also an acknowledgement for the college as a whole. Such private capital investment into the future of our youths is extremely gratifying,” said Vallo Nuust, Rector of Tartu Art College.

 “Nordecon has always entered into contracts for support based on the principle of supporting the development of children and youths – we have entered into development contracts with several schools for encouraging young people. Tartu Art College is a school of such a long and colourful history – the cooperation and the knowledge that we get to assist the students a bit in their work is a great honour for us,” said Jaano Vink, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon AS.

Based on the contract, the scholarship from the Linnaehitus Foundation will be awarded once in an academic year to a third or fourth year student of the Department of Painting of the TAC who is active in his or her field of study and has achieved good academic results. The scholarship will preferably be awarded to a student who has applied with an aim to use the scholarship outside of the educational institution and in connection with wider popularization and development of the specialty. A scholarship of 1,000 euros will be awarded once a year with the competition announced in November each year. The winner of the scholarship will be decided by a committee including representatives of TAC, one representative of the Tartu Cultural Capital Foundation, and Alar Kroodo as the representative of Nordecon.