25. Mar 2019

SweNCN, subsidiary of Nordecon, entered into a contract for construction of an apartment building in Uppsala

SweNCN entered into a contract with BRF Prefekten for construction ofPrefektgatan 8a six-storey apartment building in Uppsala. The apartment building will be situated in Rosendal, a new residential area which is being developed in the vicinity of the centre of Uppsala. The price of the contract is 9.4 million euros plus value added tax.

“The Swedish residential building sector focuses strongly on environment-friendliness and energy consumption. Architects Jägnefält Milton created the building with high ambitions: they attempted to keep the sales prices of the apartments lower compared to other similar projects without making any compromises in quality. This was achieved by using very few elements which were smartly and carefully chosen,” said Priit Luman, Board Member of Nordecon AS.


The interiors of Prefektgatan 8was created by Ruxandra Halleröd at award winning design studio Halleroed. The building consists of 87 one- to three-room apartments on the gross surface area of 5,690 m2. The exterior design is characterised by its rendered façade and steel roof and the house has large windows. The apartment building which is located near a park also boasts a large communal roof terrace.


BRF Prefekten is included in the OOF Bostad AB property undertaking. OOF Bostadis a Swedish property developer which cooperates with the best Swedish architects and creates environment-friendly, high-quality homes with good architectural solutions.


Uppsalais the fourth-largest city in Sweden with approximately 170,000 residents. The city is famous for the oldest university in Sweden and in the Nordic countries. Uppsala is located 70 kilometres north from Stockholm.