07. Mar 2019

SweNCN, subsidiary of Nordecon, concluded a contract for the construction of five apartment buildings and a semi-detached house in Sweden

SweNCN concluded a contract with Swedish real estate developer Aros Bostad for the construction of five apartment buildings and a semi-detached house in the Bromma borough of Stockholm. The development, which will have 51 apartments in total, is named Nockebyn. The value of the contract is 11,7 mEUR plus VAT.

‘In Sweden, both in Stockholm and around it, we are focused on general contracting in the field of construction. Almost the four years that we have been operating in Sweden, we have finished three apartment buildings and are currently building another apartment building,’ said Priit Luman, Member of the Management Board of Nordecon AS. ‘The Swedish construction market is much larger and offers more possibilities than the Estonian one, but is also characterised by traditions going very far back. We put in a lot of effort to be trusted and the experiences acquired in Sweden are valuable to the entire group.’


In total, the five apartment buildings and the semi-detached house in the Bromma borough of Stockholm will have 51 apartments. The buildings are designed by Swedish architecture company DinellJohansson and developed by Aros Bostad. The apartments have between one and five rooms, and a hobby room and a bike storage can also be found in the building complex. Underground car parks are located beneath two of the buildings. The buildings stand out for their brick facades, which fit nicely into the surrounding environment.


The construction will begin in the second quarter of 2019 and the first inhabitants may move in in early 2020. More about the Nockebyn development:


Bromma is a borough of Stockholm with about 60,000 inhabitants. Bromma is a peaceful area with wonderful nature and gorgeous architecture; connection to central Stockholm is ensured by numerous trains.


Aros Bostad is an entrepreneurial residential developer active in the upper mid segment of the Greater Stockholm residential development market. The project portfolio contains 24 projects in different development stages, corresponding to approx. 3,700 residential unit.