17. May 2019

Peetri sports and leisure centre reached its maximum height

Nordecon AS and the developer of Peetri Centre Compakt Real Estate held a topping-out ceremony for the sports and leisure centre in Peetri. The crown was brought down by Priit Põldmäe, Vice Mayor of Rae, and Maik Teiv, the Head of Compakt Kinnisvara.

‘There are thousands of residents in Peetri and around it: it is natural that people do not have to spend their leisure time in Tallinn, drive to the capital only to see the primary care doctor or take care of the simple everyday needs. In collaboration with the private sector and the municipality, we will have a new community centre before the end of the year, which will meet the most important needs of people in the rapidly growing Peetri small town,’ said Priit Põldmäe, the Vice Mayor of Rae.


‘It is very important for the local people that everyday services are in one place: in addition to purchasing goods and services, you can engage in sports and hobbies. Opportunities close to home help to save time and fuel and reduce traffic,’ said Maik Teiv, the head of Compakt Kinnisvara. ‘I would like to acknowledge the lessees of the retail spaces that none of them take Peetri centre as a random new commercial space, but everything is considered and the environment is created for the community of Peetri.’


‘If there are as many people living in a suburban area as here, the region must offer opportunities for the community to spend leisure time as well as for purchasing goods and services. Peetri centre is so multifunctional that it will definitely become a lively and innovative centre for all the people in the area,’ said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon AS.


In addition to retail, the centre also includes Rae Municipality Youth Centre, singing studio, children’s studio, tennis school, speech therapist, primary care doctor, dentistry, pharmacy, beauty salon, gym, commercial spaces. COOP Konsum and a café will be offering clean local food in the centre’s shop and café.


Sirkel and Mall designed Peetri Centre in Peetri small town at Küti tee 4,it will be built by AS Nordecon, developed by Compakt Kinnisvara. It will be a two-storey building with the under construction area of 5495,5 m2. The 10,2-meter high building has a closed net area of 8182,0 m2. The centre will be opened at the end of 2019.