• 01. Jun 2018 Nordecon completes construction of Haabersti turbo roundabout overpass

    Today marked the completion by Nordecon AS of the Haabersti roundabout overpass, which is 277 metres long and five metres high. Estonia’s first traffic signal-operated turbo roundabout on Paldiski mnt is due for completion beneath the overpass this autumn.

  • 20. Mar 2018 Nordecon to build 21-apartment block in Linnuküla

    Nordecon is constructing an apartment building featuring 21 new homes in the Kristiine district of Tallinn. The majority of the apartments in the building, which has four storeys above ground and a basement car park level, range in size from two to three rooms. The building will have a Class B energy label and is due for completion at Nõmme tee 97 in March 2019.


  • 02. Mar 2018 Nordecon to build traffic junction on busiest section of road in Estonia

    Nordecon, the Estonian Road Administration and Saue municipal government have entered into a construction contract for Veskitamm traffic junction in Laagri on the outskirts of Tallinn. Construction is set to begin in March this year and is scheduled to be completed within 608 days. The cost of the project is around 6 million euros plus VAT.

  • 13. Feb 2018 Nordecon to reconstruct sections of Riga-Pskov Highway

    AS Nordecon and the Estonian Road Administration have entered into a contract for the reconstruction of two sections of the Riga-Pskov Highway. Work on the section between Tsiiruli and Missoküla will begin in April at a cost of almost 4 million euros (plus VAT).

  • 23. Jan 2018 Nordecon starts constructing the last apartment building in Uus-Tammelinn, completion set for this autumn

    The construction of the ninth apartment building at Haraka 6 in the Uus-Tammelinn residential district in Tammelinn, Tartu, which is developed by Nordecon, is about to start. The last building of the development will be completed in late 2018 and it will mark the end of the development of the district launched in 2014, which has 14,500 square metres of residential space and 193 new apartments.

  • 21. Dec 2017 Nordecon conducts topping-out ceremony on Swedish building site

    SWENCN AB, which forms part of the Nordecon group, has held a topping-out ceremony for an eight-storey apartment building between erected in Stockholm. The contract for the construction of the building was signed in January 2017 with the Swedish property developer Brabo Stockholm AB.


  • 05. Dec 2017 Nordecon to construct apartment block valued at almost 4 million euros in Saue

    Nordecon builds an energy efficient apartment building on the outskirts of Saue at the request of Capital Mill. The building, which is to be constructed at Kuuseheki 50, will have a Class A energy rating. The total cost of construction is close to 4 million euros. The three-storey building, with 48 apartments, is due for completion in January 2019.


  • 28. Nov 2017 Nordecon completes seven-storey office and apartment building in Rotermann Quarter

     Nordecon AS has handed over R18, a seven-storey office and apartment building in the Rotermann Quarter, to its client. With approximately 11,000 m² of space and 58 apartments, the building was constructed at a cost of 9 million euros.


  • 13. Nov 2017 Nordecon to build 21 M worth military objects to Tapa

    Nordecon and the Centre for Defence Investment entered into two contracts for services for the construction of new objects at Tapa armed forces campus. Armoured manoeuvring capability infrastructures and two barracks will be built. The total cost of the construction works amount to 21 M euros.

  • 20. Oct 2017 Nordecon completed the design and construction work on the expansion of the Kohtla-Järve wastewater treatment plant

    Nordecon completed the design and construction work on the leachate and contaminated rainwater cleaning system in the landfill which did not comply with environmental requirements for hazardous waste in the Kohtla-Järve oil shale industry. The work was started in December 2015 and the cleaning system was delivered to the contractor in due time in June this year. Nordecon completed the additional road design and construction work by the end of September. The total cost of the contract was 4.2 million euros with VAT.