• 28. Feb 2019 The Academy of Security Sciences and the University of Tartu enter into a joint contract for construction of a study and accommodation building in Narva

    On Thursday, February 28, 2019, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and the University of Tartu signed a contract with the construction company Nordecon for the construction of a Narva Learning Center. Besides the cadets, also the staff of the Police and Border Guard Board, as well as the students of Narva College of the University of Tartu, will start using the study, training and accommodation building.  In addition, the construction will include a sports complex with a swimming pool, which is also open to the public.

  • 22. Feb 2019 Nordecon handed over the new study building of the Academy of Security Sciences to the client

    February 21 Nordecon handed over to the Academy of Security Services a new study building in Tallinn, Kase Street 61. The concrete and glass building of more than 12,000 square meters is three times more economical than the old study building and offers a modern and functional environment for internal security education. The formal opening of the new building takes place today, on 22 February. 

  • 13. Feb 2019 An apartment building with 48 apartments with a class A energy label was completed in Saue

    Nordecon handed over to EstmakCapital OÜ the first apartment building in Saue, at Kuuseheki 50. Project developer Estmak Capital has already handed over the keys to its first customers. The apartment buildings of Kuuseheki residential area are three-storeyenergy efficient, class A energy-labelledresidential buildings. The cost of designing and construction of the residential building at Kuuseheki 50 was 4 million euros. Nordecon will continue the construction of the house at Kuuseheki 52, which will be completed by the end of November 2019.

  • 04. Feb 2019 Nordecon will construct a barracks for 300 people at the Jõhvi Army Base

    Nordecon AS and the Centre for Defence Investment have concluded a contract for the design and construction works of the barracks of the Jõhvi Army Base. The works also include the design and construction of weak-current systems, the reconstruction of the headquarters building, and the improvement of the Sirgala camping area. The cost of the contract is 4.6 million euros plus VAT.

  • 31. Jan 2019 Managers of Nordecon at the company’s 30th anniversary: the main challenge the construction industry is facing today is the introduction of digital solutions

    The construction group established in 1989 under the name SRV Eesti Ehitus (the company has also been named Eesti Ehitus) is celebrating its 30thanniversary in 2019. In 30 years, Nordecon has become one of the leaders of the Estonian construction market, offering high-quality and complex design and construction services for business, industrial, and social buildings, as well as infrastructure. In addition, Nordecon has built homes for nearly 1,000 families. The managers of Nordecon consider the introduction of digital solutions covering all processes to be today’s biggest challenge in the construction sector.

  • 14. Jan 2019 Nordecon is building a ten million-euro assembly area in Tapa

    Nordecon and the Centre for Defence Investment of Estonia entered into a contract for services for construction of an assembly area in the Defence Forces base in Tapa. The works will commence in January 2019 and the scheduled delivery date of the works is in January 2020. The cost of the contract amounts to 10.7 million euros plus value added tax.

  • 04. Jan 2019 Rafter party in Terminal D

    In June 2018, Nordecon AS started the reconstruction and extension works of the building of Terminal D of the Port of Tallinn. The construction activities of Terminal D have currently advanced to a stage where the building has achieved its planned height. On Friday, 4 January, the traditional rafter party was held at the construction site and the wreath was taken down, so that the construction works could move on.

  • 17. Dec 2018 Peetri Center received a cornerstone

    The entrepreneur Vjatšeslav Leedo, the mayor of Rae municipality Mark Võrkla, Maik Teiv from CompaktReal Estate and the builder and Nordecon's representative Reedik Raudla laid the cornerstone for Peetri Center. Peetri Center will be opened before the end of next year.

  • 26. Sep 2018 Every apartment of the Kalda Kodu project by Nordecon offers a beautiful view of the River Emajõgi flood plain

    Nordecon will design and build three apartment buildings with 10 apartments in Tartu at Aruküla tee 2, 4, and 6. The name of the project – Kalda Kodu (Shore Home) – is inspired by the location on the relief shores of the River Emajõgi flood plain. The Kalda Kodu apartment buildings have a modern form and their design takes into account the surface patterns and quarters. The houses have the energy label B.

  • 18. Sep 2018 Nordecon and Haven Kakumäe held the topping out event of the Lesta 10 apartment house

    Nordecon AS and Haven Kakumäe OÜ held a topping out event at the Lesta 10 apartment buildings next to yacht harbour Haven Kakumäe. 3-storyapartment buildings have reached their maximum height; thehouses will be completed by spring 2019.