• 04. Jan 2012 Nordecon completes water and sewerage pipelines ahead of schedule in Loo

    The last week of 2011 saw Nordecon AS complete construction and reconstruction work on the water and sewerage pipelines in the town of Loo, to a total cost of 1.75 million euros. Installation of the pipes, which was complicated by the limestone-rich ground in the area, was nevertheless completed ahead of the deadline.

  • 02. Jan 2012 Nordecon hands Seaplane Port hangars over to Maritime Museum

    With key construction work at the site completed, Nordecon today handed over the Seaplane Port hangars to the Estonian Maritime Museum. Work will now continue with the complex task of installing the museum’s exhibits.

  • 20. Dec 2011 Nordecon: Vanamõisa water system completed one year ahead of schedule

    Nordecon AS recently completed design and construction work on the joint water system and sewage pipelines of the Saue-Vanamõisa waste water collection area, providing high-quality water and sewerage services to residents in the area almost a year ahead of schedule.

  • 08. Dec 2011 Nordecon’s Arvo Kirotus is Builder of the Year 2011

    The Builder of the Year title for 2011 has been awarded by the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs (EACE) to Nordecon’s Arvo Kirotus, whose management of the construction work on a biofilter for Tallinn Sewage Treatment Plant was highly commended not only by the client, but also by the designer, planner and construction supervisor working on the project.

  • 30. Nov 2011 Nordecon completes reconstruction of main road in Kunda

    Today will see the handover of the reconstructed section of road running through the town of Kunda by Nordecon AS. The repairs to the road, which has become the main thoroughfare of the town due to the high volume of traffic it receives and the number of key companies located in the area, cost 1.68 million euros.

  • 25. Nov 2011 Kaarepere railway overpass completed two months ahead of schedule

    Today sees the official opening of the new railway overpass in Kaarepere in Jõgeva County, which was completed almost two months ahead of schedule. Design and construction work on the overpass was carried out by Nordecon AS in association with Ramboll Eesti AS. The total cost of construction was 4.1 million euros.

  • 14. Nov 2011 37% rise in Nordecon group’s 9-month sales revenue year-on-year

    The sales revenue of Nordecon AS in the first nine months of 2011 was 103.3 million euros – a 37% rise on the same period last year, and indeed more than the group’s turnover for the whole of 2010. However, despite the profit made by the group in Q3, its gross losses for the nine months stand at 717,000 euros.

  • 08. Nov 2011 Nordecon roof takes top title

    At its annual congress last Friday, the International Federation for the Roofing Trade awarded the roof of the Ahhaa Science Centre constructed by Nordecon AS the title of the best metal roof in the world. It was designed by architects Ain Padrik and Vilen Künnapu and constructed by DMT Insenerid, led by project manager Peeter Voovere.

  • 27. Oct 2011 Nordecon completes work on closure of Rääma landfill

    Nordecon has completed work on the closure of the 28-hectare Rääma landfill in Pärnu at a total cost of 3.45 million euros. In addition to isolating the waste disposed of at the site and covering the landfill area, a gas collection system was constructed along with a heating and power station.

  • 24. Oct 2011 Nordecon complete reconstruction of Kuressaare-Nasva road

    Today Nordecon will hand over to the Estonian Road Administration the completely reconstructed section between the 2.82 and 6.89 km marks on the Kuressaare-Nasva road. The total cost of the work was 1.96 million euros exclusive of VAT.