04. Feb 2019

Nordecon will construct a barracks for 300 people at the Jõhvi Army Base

Nordecon AS and the Centre for Defence Investment have concluded a contract for the design and construction works of the barracks of the Jõhvi Army Base. The works also include the design and construction of weak-current systems, the reconstruction of the headquarters building, and the improvement of the Sirgala camping area. The cost of the contract is 4.6 million euros plus VAT.

Call-up selectees with good training are the most important part of Estonian national defence. As a construction company, we are proud to contribute to making sure that the conditions of service of the persons liable to national defence obligation are as good as possible and supportive of their training. High-quality infrastructure must support the objective of the state to increase the capability of the Defence Forces and the quality of training,’ said Ando Voogma, Member of the Management Board of Nordecon AS. ‘Previously, Nordecon has constructed several buildings at the Tapa Army Base, including four barracks. We can certainly use our prior experience and knowledge in the construction of the objects of the contract of the Jõhvi Army Base, because the barracks are the same in both army bases.’


The works performed at the Jõhvi Army Base pursuant to the contract will begin in February 2019 and end in May 2020. In 2016, Nordecon constructed the shooting ranges of the Viru Infantry Battalion at the Jõhvi Army Base.


In addition to Estonia, Nordecon Group operates in the Swedish, Finnish, and Ukrainian markets. In Sweden, we mainly provide construction services for residential and non-residential buildings. In Ukraine, Nordecon operates in the field of general contracting and project management for private clients. In Finland, the Group has mainly focused on subcontracting for concrete works, but based on the experience of the past years, we are starting preparatory work to expand into the general contracting market.