13. Apr 2017

Nordecon will complete seventh apartment building in Uus-Tammelinna by the end of the year

Construction of seventh building at the address Haki 5 started in Uus-Tammelinna residential quarter developed by Nordecon in Tartu, Tammelinn district. 20 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments are planned in the building. The building will be completed at the end of 2017.

„Apartment buildings of Uus-Tammelinna have already made history in Tammelinn: here is a building with first lift in Tammelinn, and clients have especially liked apartments with new type of plan, where otherwise open kitchen can be separated from the living room with a wall, if required,“ said Toomas Rell, manager of the department of residential development of Nordecon AS. „We started construction of seventh building in Uus-Tammelinna at the address Haki 5, and I can promise that the building will be completed by Christmas. The new building with 20 apartments will have 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments. Of these, two 3-room apartments have the new plan mentioned above.“

Nine buildings in total are planned to be constructed in the area. The surroundings of five already completed buildings has been cleaned and furbished. „Sixth building of the area, Haki 6, will be completed in this August – there are still three apartments available. Sales success of Uus-Tammelinna apartments is based on the fact that we construct with high quality and take account of the requests of every client, solutions are well considered based on the experiences of the company, and the area is silent,“ said Toomas Rell.

 Nordecon started construction of Uus-Tammelinna residential quarter in Tartu in spring 2014. Apartment buildings are three- to five-storey, with 15 to 25 apartments.

 Architect of the buildings is Indrek Näkk from architectural office INA. Apartments of Uus-Tammelinna have one, two, three or four rooms. The immovable property can be accessed via recently completed Savi Street. Each apartment has a balcony accessible from the living room. Larger four-room apartments have sauna and additional balcony accessible from a bedroom.

Tammelinn district in Tartu was one of the first city districts in Estonia planned according to the principle of modern garden suburb. The plan of garden suburb was completed in 1923. Mixed principle was used for buildings. In addition to single family houses, also apartment buildings were planned in the part of the suburb located near the city – between Riia and Tamme streets. In the architectural history of Estonia, the plan of Tamme garden suburb and the result of its construction has been compared to Nõmme and Merivälja garden suburbs in Tallinn and with Pärnu resort area.

There is a high-level district school in Tammelinn, and new high school was opened in 2015. Both schools remain within a walking distance of few minutes from the new apartment buildings. The investment plan of the City of Tartu includes also a new nursery school, which should be constructed in coming years and will be located at the distance of some hundred meters from the apartment buildings.