16. Sep 2019

Nordecon will build the Sillamäe Seaside Promenade

Sillamäe Town Government and Nordecon AS signed a contract for the construction of a 640-metre-long seaside promenade. As part of the agreement, a beach area with recreation and leisure facilities will be developed. The value of the contract is 4.055 million euros (including VAT).

Watch videos:

Sillamäe Seaside Promenade today

Sillamäe Seaside promenade at the end of the construction

‘Sillamäe is known as a green city with its distinctive architecture, with stairs and a wide boulevard leading to the sea from the central square, which have become the city’s pride and joy after their reconstruction in 2017. Our aim is to bring into use and reconstruct the beach area as well, where we intend to build a beach promenade – from Mere puiestee to the future passenger terminal and marina,’ said Tõnis Kalberg, Mayor of Sillamäe. ‘The town centre of Sillamäe will definitely become a favourite among both residents and guests. In the next few years, we are planning to build a marina which will certainly bring us more guest by sea.’


‘People remember Sillamäe from the Soviet times as a closed city in the literal sense of the word – times have changed and the city is now open to guests coming by sea or land. I am delighted that Nordecon can contribute to making the cityscape more beautiful and diverse: with the new promenade, a slightly wild area of the city will be turned into a highly versatile leisure area that will offer a variety of activities. Sillamäe has undertaken a construction project which will not result in an ordinary promenade for walking, but in an exciting urban space that offers a variety of squares, sights, and climbing opportunities that also challenge the builder,’ said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Management Board of Nordecon.


A bridge will be reconstructed and two new illuminated bridges will be built to connect the promenade with the city. The main street of the promenade will be covered with clinker bricks – designed for pedestrians, cyclists, and athletes.

The proposed seaside promenade is located in the northern part of Sillamäe, in the area between the Sõtke River and the sea. The future seaside promenade will be approximately 640 metres long and will be located between Mere puiestee, which has become Sillamäe’s pride and joy after it was thoroughly renovated a few years ago, and Veski tänav, a street which leads to the port.


In addition, an observation tower and different playgrounds and public sports facilities will be built. A multi-level observation tower, a lighthouse, an open-air stage, and a cafeteria will be built along the promenade, with light fixtures on stairs and bridges and spotlights for illuminating treasured tree crowns. The promenade will also receive seven illuminated steam fountains. In the next phase, a marina will be built at the port side of the promenade.

The procurement for the construction of the Sillamäe Seaside Promenade was divided into two parts: the construction of the promenade and the construction of the access bridges. Construction will begin in September 2019 and the work will be delivered to the customer on 31 December 2020.


Sillamäe ( is a seaside gem in Ida-Virumaa which is home to more than 13,000 people. The slogan of the city ‘Sillamäe – town of fresh sea winds’ reflects both the seaside location of the city and its constant readiness for development, openness to new ideas, and progress.