16. Jun 2016

Nordecon will build a depot for Tapa military campus

Nordecon and the Ministry of Defence concluded a contract to build a military campus depot in Tapa. The total cost of construction is 4.75 million Euros, plus VAT.

Within this contract Nordecon will build waiting areas covered with asphalt and crushed stone for military equipment, garage, warehouse, study building and shelters to Tapa military campus. The construction works will begin in the near term and the delivery of the work is planned for April 2017.

The buildings to be established will be used for the NATO allied units located in Estonia and to store and maintain the infantry combat vehicles CV90 purchased for the military.

“Tapa has the largest and still the fastest growing military campus,” said Kaupo Kaasik, the Director of Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Defence. “This is a centre for the development of Estonian armour manoeuvrability and the allied military units. All this equipment needs additional waiting areas, maintenance and repair facilities that will be built based on this contract.”

“The Ministry of Defence is a demanding customer who imposes a pressure on a constructer to achieve a better result. So far we have had a very smooth cooperation – at the moment we are building a barrack for the allied military forces in Tapa and we are going to deliver it already at the end of June,” said the board member of Nordecon AS Avo Ambur.