18. Jun 2018

Nordecon to reconstruct and extend Tallinn Old City Harbour Terminal D

Nordecon AS and the Port of Tallinn Ltd signed a contract in order to reconstruct and extend the Terminal D building in the Tallinn Old City Harbour at 13/4 Lootsi St. The construction work will more than double the area of the terminal building. Overall construction costs are 16,985 million EUR (excluding the customer's supply) plus VAT. The updated terminal will be completed in May 2020.  

"The importance of Terminal D to the city of Tallinn cannot be underestimated. We take such a complex reconstruction and extension of the building, which services many millions of passengers, very seriously," said Ando Voogma, Member of the Board of Nordecon AS. "The designed construction work will increase the area of the building from the existing 7,000 square metres to 16,000 square metres. The galleries, which are no longer expedient, will be demolished during the extension work of the terminal, and modern technical systems, rooms and facades with a new architectural concept and functionality will be built at the terminal."

Chief Infrastructure Development Officer of the Port of Tallinn Peeter Nõgu explained that originally, Terminal D was designed to serve 2.5 million passengers per year, but today, over six million people pass through the terminal. "The ships have become bigger and the timetables tighter. Therefore, it is essential for the terminal to be able to simultaneously serve many thousands of passengers. The shipping companies have made significant investments, and the port must follow these developments in order to offer passengers a better travel experience."

The reconstruction of the four-storey (three main floors and a technical floor) terminal building includes designing the work plan for heating, ventilation, cooling, water supply, sanitation, low voltage and automation, and implementation of BIM (building information modeling).

The present terminal is a three-storey building with steel beams and steel posts, which has hollow panel ceilings and a loadbearing profiled sheet roof. The extension of Terminal D will also be a three-storey building and the technical floor will have four floors.

The extension will be constructed on foundation supports on poles. Reinforced concrete walls and steel posts make up vertical loadbearing structures, while the ceilings are mainly of hollow panels. The first floor of the present Terminal D building has monolithic ceilings which rest on steel beams.

In the new Terminal D, the passengers will have comfortable and spacious waiting areas with a significantly increased number of seating opportunities. The new terminal will also have more space for cafés and shops. Some of the new additions include a children's play area and a separate lounge for more demanding passengers. Terminal D is used by Tallink shipping company passengers.


Number of floors: 4 (three main floors + technical floor)

Passengers: over 6 million per year

Closed gross area of the building: 16,107 m2

Area of closed rooms of the building: 13,890.9 m2

Completion of the object: May 2020

Warranty period: 2 years

Construction cost: 16,985 million EUR (excluding customer's supply), plus VAT


The reconstruction of Terminal D is co-financed by the European Union within the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) project TWIN-PORT 2, No 2014-EU-TM-0087-M.