10. Sep 2018

Nordecon to design and build a 3-storey apartment building

Nordecon AS and Kinnistud S OÜ signed a contract according to which Nordecon will build an apartment building at Kuuseheki 52 in Saue. The cost of the construction contract is 3.5 million Euros, excluding VAT.

“Saue is a small town with a good connection to Tallinn – certainly new apartment buildings are welcomed there. The apartment building at Kuuseheki 52 will have three terrains and one underground storey, the house will have 48 2-4-room apartments in total,” said Ando Voogma, the board member of Nordecon AS. “The apartment building will have class A energy rating, which means that it will be a high-quality and energy-efficient residential building. Solar panels and recharging points for electric cars will be installed to the house.”

Kuuseheki 52 building is a second stage in the Kuuseheki residential area, where 3 new residential houses will be built. The construction contract includes the design and construction works of the Kuuseheki 52 apartment building and infrastructure. The building with four entrances will have a gross area of 4155 m2 and a net area of 3500 m2. The construction works will begin in the middle of September and the house will be completed by the end of November in 2019.