27. Jun 2016

Nordecon to construct Viimsi Äritare office building in Viimsi municipality

Nordecon has signed an agreement with Kaarsilla Kinnisvara OÜ to construct an office and commercial building Viimsi Äritare in Viimsi municipality, Paadi tee 3. The 3-storey building has a total area of over 8000 square metres and will be ready by the end of summer 2017. The total cost of the construction works is over 6 million euros plus VAT.

“Viimsi is a very convenient and scenic residential area, but there are not enough high-quality office spaces here,” said Viljar Jänes, Development Manager of Kaarsilla Kinnisvara. “Viimsi Äritare has a great location for local entrepreneurs who will not have to sit in the traffic jams on their way to Tallinn downtown, as well as for anyone else looking for a convenient and modern offices in a scenic and accessible area. The construction of Viimsi Äritare is a project where the building contractor was included already in the design phase and the entire building process is managed according to the principles of open project management.” 

„Kaarsilla Kinnisvara is an experienced and reputable property developer, so cooperation with them is an acknowledgement as well as a challenge for the builder,” said Avo Ambur, Board Member at AS Nordecon. “We signed a project management contract for the construction of Viimsi Äritare, according to which we will construct a building with one underground and three overground storeys with a total area of about 8000 m2 and 106 parking spaces, of which 47 are situated at the underground parking area. The building is special because all working spaces will have natural light – the middle section of the building shall have a light shaft with a glass roof with the option of establishing a terrace with planting.”

Rental spaces for commercial and service enterprises and utility rooms are planned on the ground floor. The first and second floor shall have office spaces of different sizes with a round corridor and utility room block. The building shall include elevators. During further activities, it is possible to alter the office spaces according to the tenants’ wishes by adding a resting area and toilets, if possible. 

The entrances of the building built on the lot at Paadi tee 3 shall have entrances from Paadi tee and the in-house parking lot.