05. Dec 2017

Nordecon to construct apartment block valued at almost 4 million euros in Saue

Nordecon builds an energy efficient apartment building on the outskirts of Saue at the request of Capital Mill. The building, which is to be constructed at Kuuseheki 50, will have a Class A energy rating. The total cost of construction is close to 4 million euros. The three-storey building, with 48 apartments, is due for completion in January 2019.  

“Housing developments that have been really well thought through have a lot of sales potential at the moment, because people who are looking for a new home are becoming more demanding,” said Ando Voogma, a member of the management board of Nordecon AS. “And since the block going up in Saue has a Class A energy rating, a reasonable price tag and a living environment around it that’s very quiet, it ticks a lot of boxes. City living is not for everyone and that’s why more and more people are looking for somewhere to live outside Tallinn’s borders, albeit on the proviso that the commuting’s still easy.”

Igor Mölder, the Chief Executive Officer with Capital Mill OÜ, says that the Kuuseheki development shows that quality and comfort don’t have to come at a price that will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor. “We have a really experienced project and construction team who’ve designed the first Class A building outside of Tallinn while keeping sales price levels lower than the Harju County average,” he explained. “We not only focussed on energy efficiency, but also effective planning solutions, interior design materials and a nice living environment with a big, landscaped courtyard.”

The apartment block will be erected on pile foundations. Extending over three floors, it will have a gross area of 4155 m² and a net area of 3500 m². There will be a total of 48 apartments in the building, ranging from two to four rooms in size. The apartment block will be constructed in accordance with Class A energy rating requirements, ensuring both significantly lower bills for residents and a longer life for the building itself. Tallinn city centre can be reached from nearby Saue railway station in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to solar panels on the roof, the Kuuseheki 50 apartment block will feature 160 mm thick IKO Enertherm Alu 50 insulation in its walls and recharging points for electric cars in its courtyard. The building will have a warranty period of three years.