12. Sep 2018

Nordecon to construct 2 + 1 overtaking lanes for the Pikknurme–Puurmani section of Tartu highway

The Road Administration and Nordecon AS have concluded an agreement for the construction of 2 + 1 overtaking lanes for the Pikknurme–Puurmani section on kilometres 142.2–146.9 of the National Road 2 (T2), also known as the Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Luhamaa highway. The cost of work is 4.77 million euros, VAT not included.

‘The aim of the 2 + 1 overtaking lanes that will be constructed for the Pikknurme–Puurmani section is to increase road safety. 2 + 1 overtaking enable safer overtakes on high traffic density roads such as the Tallinn–Tartu highway, shorten driving times for people, and will definitely help to reduce traffic stress,’ said Ando Voogma, Member of the Management Board of Nordecon AS. ‘We will widen and renew the existing track bed, add a complex stabilised layer, and lay a three-layer asphalt concrete pavement. We will also improve the water regime of the whole road section. Among other things, 5 km of wildlife barriers will be installed to the new section of the road and 500 metres of the section will be lighted.’


The construction works will last for 12 months, plus a technological pause. The chief designer of the construction is Skepast&Puhkim OÜ, the project has been adjusted by Reaalprojekt OÜ, and Sweco EST OÜ is responsible for exercising owner supervision.