02. Mar 2018

Nordecon to build traffic junction on busiest section of road in Estonia

Nordecon, the Estonian Road Administration and Saue municipal government have entered into a construction contract for Veskitamm traffic junction in Laagri on the outskirts of Tallinn. Construction is set to begin in March this year and is scheduled to be completed within 608 days. The cost of the project is around 6 million euros plus VAT.

 "According to the data of the Road Administration, the four-lane section of the Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla highway that’s being converted into a traffic junction has an average traffic volume of 31,760 cars per day – so constructing a junction in a place with such dense traffic will definitely be a difficult but also a much-needed undertaking," said Ando Voogma, a member of the management board of Nordecon AS. "Construction of this section has been long awaited by the local residents of Saue and Saku municipalities, as well as other people passing through the area."

"We’ll launch construction operations in March as soon as the Road Administration gives us the green light," Voogma added. “The junction’s set to be completed in November 2019. With it, traffic in the area will be diversified and the through-flow of transport will increase significantly. We’ll be notifying everyone about changes in traffic management so that drivers are able to choose alternative routes, thereby minimising any possible traffic congestion."

Once construction has been completed, road users will be able to drive from Seljaku Street directly to Veskitammi Street, while those coming from Veskitammi Street will be able to perform a U-turn back towards Tallinn. A light traffic road is also being constructed in parallel to the carriageway, providing a smooth and safe traffic environment for pedestrians and cyclists from the border of Tallinn up to the Maksimarket supermarket in Laagri. Following their completion, the new Jälgimäe-Topi and Urda sideroads will allow for the decommissioning of all ramps and exits from the main highway, while maintaining access to all nearby businesses and properties.

Construction of the Veskitammi traffic junction between the 13.0 and 13.7 km marks on the Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla highway involves:

  • renovating the main highway (no. 4) between the 13.0 and 13.7 km marks coming from the city and between the 13.0 and 13.6 km marks going towards the city;
  • reconstructing Vanasilla, Nõlvaku and Seljaku streets;
  • constructing tunnels for light traffic under the main highway, Veskitammi Street and railroad, with all of the necessary communication systems;
  • constructing completely new Jälgimäe-Topi and Urda sideroads;
  • installing a piping system for rainwater, sewage water, drainage, pressure sewage, water and gas; and
  • establishing power lines, telecommunication systems and outdoor lighting.