20. Mar 2018

Nordecon to build 21-apartment block in Linnuküla

Nordecon is constructing an apartment building featuring 21 new homes in the Kristiine district of Tallinn. The majority of the apartments in the building, which has four storeys above ground and a basement car park level, range in size from two to three rooms. The building will have a Class B energy label and is due for completion at Nõmme tee 97 in March 2019.  

“What we’re looking at is a more modest-sized apartment building bordering the Lilleküla and Tondi districts,” explained Ando Voogma, a member of the management board of Nordecon AS. “It’s a perfect addition to the area, which is known for its greenery and its peace and quiet. The area it’s being constructed in is unofficially known as Linnuküla, and its streets all have bird names. Most of the housing in the area is small private homes and low-rise apartment buildings. This new development will be very close to a kindergarten, Parditiigi Park, the Audentes private school and its cutting-edge sports complex and a Selver supermarket.”

Voogma says that logistically the Nõmme tee 97 building is very well situated. “There are good bus connections to the city centre and other parts of the city from both Nõmme tee and Tammsaare tee, the latter of which also provides a quick route out of the city in all directions,” he said.

The apartment building was designed by Indrek Näkk and features contemporary architectural elements. Spacious terraces, balconies, a private parking area, store rooms and a lift have all been planned for the building. The fenced and landscaped courtyard takes residents’ need for both privacy and greenery into account. The cosy landscaping, children’s play areas with swings and a sandbox, benches and outdoor lighting will give residents the chance to enjoy all the benefits of a park without setting foot outside their front gate.

The building is being erected on pile foundations and will have five floors: the four above-ground storeys for its apartments and the basement level for its car park. There will be 21 apartments in total, the majority of which will range in size from two to three rooms, and some of which will also have a sauna. The building is being constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Class B energy label, ensuring both lower utility bills for residents and a longer life for the building.