23. Jan 2018

Nordecon starts constructing the last apartment building in Uus-Tammelinn, completion set for this autumn

The construction of the ninth apartment building at Haraka 6 in the Uus-Tammelinn residential district in Tammelinn, Tartu, which is developed by Nordecon, is about to start. The last building of the development will be completed in late 2018 and it will mark the end of the development of the district launched in 2014, which has 14,500 square metres of residential space and 193 new apartments.

“Uus-Tammelinn will be completed in autumn – the ninth building is the last one in a development that has taken us more than four years,” said Head of the Residential Development Department at Nordecon AS Toomas Rell. “The apartments in the development have sold well, because this is a very peaceful area and everyone can see the construction quality by viewing the first buildings. Similar to the existing buildings, the last one will have 25 two-, three- and four-room apartments with innovative layouts.”


Nordecon started building the new Uus-Tammelinn residential district in Tartu in spring 2014. Most of the district has been cleared and landscaped by bow. The buildings are three to five storeys high and have 15 to 25 apartments.


The architect of the buildings is Indrek Näkk of INA. The district can be accessed via Savi street. Every apartment has a balcony, which can be accessed from the living room. Larger four-room apartments have a sauna and one bedroom has an extra balcony.

Tammelinn in Tartu is one of the first garden cities in Estonia designed according to the modern garden city principle. The design of the garden city was created in 1923. The principle of mixed buildings is used in the development. In addition to single-family houses, apartment buildings were planned for the part of the garden city between Riia street and Tamme avenue. In Estonian architectural history, the layout of the Tamme garden city and the result of its construction have been compared to the garden cities of Nõmme and Merivälja in Tallinn and the resort district in Pärnu.

Tammelinn has a good district school and a new upper secondary school opened in 2015. Both schools are a few minutes walk from the apartment buildings. Tartu City plans to build a new pre-school in the coming years, which will be located a few hundred metres from the apartment buildings.


For further information please contact:

Toomas Rell, Head of Residential Development Department, Nordecon AS

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