19. Oct 2020

Nordecon Pärnu’s main focus is on general contracting in building construction

In October 2020, Eston Ehitus AS, a subsidiary of the Nordecon Group, merged with the parent company Nordecon AS, and as a result a new subdivision, called Nordecon Pärnu, was created.

Nordecon Pärnu’s main activity continues to be general contracting for the construction of buildings. With its long-term experience, our team’s portfolio includes construction objects of varying complexity and cost.


Although the name Nordecon Pärnu contains a clear reference to the location of the unit’s office, our area of operation is both in and around Pärnu, and further afield. Objects completed in recent years include the Kopli 69b commercial building, in Tallinn; the Windtower Experience, in Käina; a specialized care home, on Hiiumaa; the Savi 38a commercial and warehouse building, in Pärnu; the Kooli 63 apartment building, in Pärnu; the Võidujooksu 8C apartment building, in Tallinn, etc.


The experience of Nordecon Pärnu’s predecessor, Eston Ehitus, dates back to 1991, when the company grew out of Pärnu KEK-i I-Ehitusvalitsus. Eston Ehitus has been a member of Nordecon AS, one of the largest construction groups in Estonia, since the end of 2007.


Please feel free to contact us with inquiries about construction offers:

Gunnar Kurm, Procurement Manager for Nordecon Pärnu



Nordecon Pärnu

Savi 3/2

80040 Pärnu



Kristo Tamm, Head of Nordecon Pärnu Divisjon