28. Jun 2017

Nordecon is going to build four 2+1 roads on Tallinn-Tartu road between Valmaotsa and Kärevere

AS Nordecon and Estonian Road Administration signed an agreement for the construction of 2+1 roads on Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa road between Valmaotsa and Kärevere (kilometres 160.7 - 168.1). The cost of the construction work will be approximately 8.1 million euros (including VAT).

“Tallinn-Tartu road connects the two largest cities of Estonia, and therefore, the traffic on the road is very heavy, and very often some slower vehicles cause cars to drive in long lines behind each other,” said Avo Ambur, Member of the Management Board of Nordecon AS. “2+1 roads are an optimum way for increasing traffic safety on the roads as vehicles overtake each other anyway. It is right to perform an overtaking manoeuvre if there are right conditions for that and it does not put other road users at risk. As road construction will affect usual traffic on Tallinn-Tartu road, we ask all road users to be patient. The renewed road section will be opened in July 2018.”

According to the agreement, four 2+1 cross-sectional road sections, i.e. two overtaking areas in both directions, will be built in ca 7.4 km long Valmaotsa-Kärevere section (kilometres 160.7-168.1).
During the construction work, necessary places for U-turns and access and collector roads will be built. Additionally, ca 14 km of game fence and ca 900 m of different noise barriers will be built. The execution time of the work will be 12 months.