03. Jul 2019

Nordecon is building a 10 million-tonne storage complex in the Tapa Army Base

Nordecon AS and the Center for Defense Investment signed a contract for the design and construction of a storage complex and associated sites, roads and auxiliary buildings in the Tapa Army Base. The work will begin in July 2019,andthe delivery of the work is scheduled for the end of 2020. The cost of the contract is 10,1 million euros; VATwill be added to the price.  

“Within the framework of thecontract with the Center for Defense Investment, Nordecon will establish a warehouse in the Tapa Army Base which is a storage complex with auxiliary buildings, roads, andother facilities,” saidAndo Voogma,member of the board of Nordecon AS. "Buildings and facilities to be built in the Army Base are always very specific - the experience gained in military construction will benefit the builder on every site,because they always offer demanding and complicated execution."


Within the framework of the procurement to be established in the Tapa Army Base, Nordecon will carry out updated work projects on the site layout of the warehouse, storage, auxiliary building and facilities, the location plan related linking of all objects to the site, and the construction of the entire territory and objects on the basis thereof.

The territory will have an area divided into zones with reinforced concrete storage and associated road networks, squares, andauxiliary buildings. Location of construction works: Lääne-Viru County, Tapa Municipality, Tapa City, Loode 35, 45106.


Nordecon has previously built a catering complex (2017), four barracks (2016–2018), a maintenance and training hall, a repair hall and shelters (2017–2018) in the Tapa Army Base. Currently, the collection area, the transfer of which is scheduled for January 2020 is under construction.