24. Nov 2016

Nordecon is about to build the apartments with a new plan in Tammelinn

Nordecon has completed five apartment buildings out of nine in Uus-Tammelinna residential area, last one was completed just recently. On 1 December a construction of the sixth building, a 4-storey apartment building at Haki 6 will begin, the building will be completed by August 2017. The plan of the building at Haki 6 includes also 2-room apartments, in which the kitchen can be separated from the living room.  

“The buildings of Uus-Tammelinna residential area are loved and also suitable for families with children – the district is nice and quiet, at the same time has a well-functioning infrastructure,” said Toomas Rell, the Head of the South-Estonia region for Nordecon AS. “The whole family can of course spend their time together in the recently popular kitchen-living room after a long working day, however, based on the feedback from the clients we have planned two-room apartments, which would have a possibility to separate the kitchen from the living room in the new planned building. The modern standard solutions with an open kitchen area are not so fashionable anymore – the smaller the apartment, the more important that the kitchen sounds and smells could be separated from the living room.”

The construction of the apartment building at Haki 6 will begin on 1 December 2016 and the building will be completed in August 2017. The building will have 24 apartments, 4 of them also 1-room apartments.

Nordecon began the construction of the new residential area on Savi and Haraka streets in Tartu Tammelinn in spring 2014, by now five buildings have been completed. Altogether nine buildings are planned to be built in this area. The three to five storey buildings have 15 to 25 apartments, respectively. The architect of the buildings is Indrek Näkk from the architectural bureau INA. The buildings in Uus-Tammelinn have one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments. The premises can be accessed from the newly constructed Savi Street. Each apartment has a balcony with an access from the living room. Larger four-roomed apartments have a sauna and an additional balcony in one of the bedrooms.

 The region of Tammelinn in Tartu is one of the first garden towns in Estonia that was designed based on the principle of a modern garden town. The plan of the garden town was completed in 1923. The building comprised two mixed principles, in addition to single-family buildings apartment buildings were also designed to the part of the garden town close to the city, in the area between Riia and Tamme streets. The Estonian architectural history has compared the plan of the garden town of Tamme and its constructional outcome to the garden towns of Nõmme and Merivälja in Tallinn and the resort region of Pärnu.

 Tammelinn has a good district school and a new upper secondary school was opened in 2015. Both schools are within a few-minute walking distance from the planned apartment buildings. According to the investment plan of the city of Tartu, a new kindergarten will be built just a few hundred metres from the apartment buildings over the next years.