05. Oct 2020

Nordecon has signed an agreement with the Estonian Road Administration for reconstruction of the section of Tallinn-Narva Highway passing through the town of Sillamäe

Nordecon AS and the Estonian Road Administration signed an agreement for reconstruction works along kilometres 184.7–187.5 of National Road 1 Tallinn – Narva, at the town of Sillamäe. The cost of the works is EUR 3.6 million, plus VAT. Construction work will be completed by the end of 2021.

The works will be carried out on a total of 2.8 km of the Tallinn–Narva Highway, located within the territory of the town of Sillamäe and Vaivara Rural Municipality. Major construction works are taking place in the area of the intersection of Pavlovi Street and the Sillamäe-Viivikonna side road, where a multi-level crossing will be built. As a result of the construction works, the main road will begin running along a new route that is below grade, while secondary roads will cross it via a reinforced concrete arch bridge.


‘This is the last stage in improving the safety of the section passing through the town of Sillamäe, as a result of which the current very dangerous intersection of Pavlovi Street will be resolved for both cars and pedestrians’, said Anti Palmi, Head of the Eastern Construction and Maintenance Department at the Estonian Road Administration.


‘Important keywords for the reconstruction of the section passing through the town of Sillamäe are the modernization of traffic management and increasing the safety of road users. By building a multi-level crossing, we can ensure that the local traffic flow and the highway are able to operate side by side without interruption’, commented Priit Luman,Member of the Management Board of Nordecon AS.


Main road E20 Tallinn–Narva is part of the TEN-T network of roads of international importance and thus one of the most important roads in Estonia, along which international traffic and traffic between North Estonia’s biggest built-up areas travels. The road serves as an important link between larger centres within the area of impact.


During the course of reconstruction works involving the highway, works related to utility networks will also be carried out, a car and bicycle parking area will be built, along with a noise barrier wall for the Tallinna mnt 14 registered immovable.

The term for the completion of the works is 330 days.