02. Jun 2016

Nordecon entered into a contract with the Port of Tallinn for the construction of Logi Street and the north-west section of Old City Harbour

Today, AS Nordecon and AS Tallinna Sadam signed a contract for the reconstruction of Logi Street and the execution of the construction works for the new entrance zones and waiting areas of Old City Harbour. The cost of the construction project is 5.97 million euros net of VAT.

“Every decent coastal city should have a proper sea gate – the Port of Tallinn territory and its neighbouring areas have started to develop rapidly during recent years – the port itself also needs refreshing,” said Avo Ambur, Member of the Board at Nordecon AS. “The modernisation of the port area is a very exciting project for us – we need to construct new communications, pave a substantial area between the docks and build three entrance zones and complexes for entry onto ships and reconstruct the Logi Street. We will start with the works already in June and are ready for handover to the owner by end of May 2017.”

The construction works will alter the traffic scheme to some extent: the reconstruction of Logi Street includes the expansion of the street by two lines in the section between Sadama Street and Rumbi Street. A directional island is built between the directions of traffic, the street is extended until the existing road train parking lot and new cycle lanes are built. A roundabout for the access route to the port from Logi and Rumbi Streets is constructed, and also a traffic light regulated intersection between Logi and Sadama Streets.

Three enclosed areas are constructed in the south-west section of Old City Harbour: the Terminal A liner entrance zone for countries in the Schengen Area, the entrance zone for countries outside the Schengen Area, and a cruise area. All three zones will have new entrance complexes and toilet facilities. The liner zones will have a vehicle pre-identification area, waiting areas for vehicles and a road train parking lot. The cruise area will get a new access road and sidewalks.

The entrance zone facilities will have external water supply and sewerage and external power and communication lines, including the power and communication supply for the liner entrance zones’ electronic check-in system Tark Sadam. A green area will be established near the cruise ship entrance zone and road train parking lot.