03. Oct 2017

Nordecon delivered to the contracting entity military objects worth 25 M euros at the Tapa army base

Nordecon delivered to the Centre for Defence Investment at the Tapa army base the construction works of phases I and II of the infrastructure for manoeuvring of armoured vehicles, thereat, the latter was delivered before the scheduled date of completion. In addition to the roads, fields, and technical communications, the important buildings constructed in phase I also included a substation, a barrack and a catering complex, shelters for the technical equipment, as well as maintenance and training buildings, plus further shelters and training buildings in phase II. The total cost of the construction works amounted to nearly 25 M euros.

 “The investments of the government of Estonia in national defence have a significant impact on today’s construction works market: the largest construction projects of the last decade are currently ongoing in the field of defence and all larger construction companies have been able to contribute to the development of national defence in the last few years,” said Erkki Suurorg, Board Member of Nordecon AS. “According to Nordecon’s contracts with the Centre for Defence Investment, the buildings were supposed to be delivered by the end of this September and in October. We have already delivered the infrastructure and barrack of phase I over a month ago and worked hard to complete the construction works of the shelters and training buildings of phase II along with completion of the canteen and the shelters and training buildings of phase I.”

 The barrack built in phase I is a 4-storey building of closed net surface area of over 4,600m², which houses 300 people and includes workstations for 30 people. The catering complex is a 2-storey building of closed net surface area of approximately 5,500m², the canteen is capable of catering for 3,200 people per day.

In phase I, 3 shelters for technical equipment and 2 maintenance and study halls with washing facilities were built. In phase II, construction works of 3 maintenance and study halls and 2 shelters for technical equipment were completed. In total approximately 40,000m2 of roads and fields were asphalted and approximately 15,000m2 concreted.