01. Jun 2018

Nordecon completes construction of Haabersti turbo roundabout overpass

Today marked the completion by Nordecon AS of the Haabersti roundabout overpass, which is 277 metres long and five metres high. Estonia’s first traffic signal-operated turbo roundabout on Paldiski mnt is due for completion beneath the overpass this autumn.

“The construction of the roundabout at Haabersti’s been causing headaches for drivers in Western Tallinn for ages now, so the completion of the overpass will provide some much-needed relief!” said Gerd Müller, chairman of the management board of Nordecon AS. “Bringing what’s always been a very traffic-heavy intersection – indeed the one that’s seen the most accidents of any in Estonia – bang up-to-date has been pretty complex and intensive. We shouldn’t forget, too, that multi-level solutions take a lot longer than simpler alternatives.”

Müller explained that the new intersection is primarily designed to minimise dangerous traffic situations and ensure the greater and smoother flow of vehicles. “Once the roundabout and all the other elements that are part and parcel of it are completed, traffic in the Haabersti district will get a whole new lease on life,” he said.

In addition to the construction of the intersection, a number of surrounding roads are also having sections repaired. A range of roadworks continues to be carried out on the site, as well as the installation of water and sewerage pipes, street lighting and the new traffic signal management systems. Traffic flow is being completely reorganised at the intersection, where the final touch will come in the form of landscape architecture.

The contract between Nordecon and Tallinn’s Municipal Engineering Services Department was entered into in April last year, with construction work commencing shortly thereafter. The contract has a deadline of September 2018 and a total value of 14,967,000 euros (plus VAT). The project is being financed from the European Union Cohesion Fund.

The work being carried out includes:

  • construction of a two-level intersection for Paldiski mnt, Rannamõisa tee and Ehitajate tee;
  • 1.05 km of construction work on Paldiski mnt (from the Mõisa tn intersection to 150 m beyond the Õismäe tee intersection);
  • 1.1 km of construction work on Rannamõisa tee (up to the Vana-Rannamõisa tee intersection);
  • 100 m of construction work on Ehitajate tee; and
  • construction of pedestrian tunnels under Ehitajate tee (38 metres long) and Paldiski mnt (54 metres long).