12. Sep 2018

Nordecon completed the construction of Metsä Wood mill in Pärnu

Nordecon AS completed the construction works of Metsä Wood plywood mill at Kase 17 in Pärnu in time. The construction works began in April 2017, Nordecon has turned over the mill to the client and the mill has taken up its work.

“The construction of Metsä Wood mill was a truly interesting project for Nordecon: new factory buildings are not built often in Estonia and Metsä Wood mill is very large in the context of Estonia – the total area of the building is over 29000 square meters,” said Gerd Müller, the chairman of the board of Nordecon AS. “Observing technological features made the object difficult and interesting at the same time: since the building is established based on the production, the key factor was also the installation of equipment and their performance. During the whole construction period we had excellent cooperation with the client, who was extremely professional: the whole technological part was considered and tested in detail.”


Nordecon turned over the construction works to the client in time in the beginning of June this year, the authorization for use was granted in August. The building of Metsä Wood Pärnu plywood mill consists of the production hall with rest rooms, plus office area - 29277 m2 in total. The head designer of the building is Sweco Projekt AS, owner supervision was exercised by HML Project Management OÜ.