17. Aug 2017

Nordecon completed construction of four apartment buildings in the Tivoli residential quarter

Nordecon delivered a complex consisting of four buildings in the Tivoli residential area in Kadriorg to the contracting entity. In 2015, when the construction works of the first building commenced, medieval ship wreckages were found in the course of the works – the first of the kind excavated in Estonia. Nordecon was in charge of excavation of the ancient finds.

“Quite a few interesting and extraordinary things happened in the course of the construction works of the Tivoli residential area – for example, we found two very exciting vessels from the perspective of Estonia maritime history,” said Erkki Suurorg, Board Member of Nordecon AS, Deputy Chairman of the Board. “Discovery of the ship wreckages in 2015 brought plenty of excitement to the construction site: instead of the regular routine, for example, we had to excavate the large ships of value in terms of heritage conservation and demount them in one piece, not in many pieces. This was done for the first time ever in Estonia.”

“The ships were lifted out of the pits and transported under the watchful eye of specialists from the National Heritage Board,” Erkki Suurorg added. “It took us the total of 2 months and 10 days from the moment of discovery of the two ships and, unfortunately, the completion date of the buildings was also extended by the same amount of time. Finally, however, everything worked out well, the houses came out beautiful, and the obstacles encountered in the course of the construction works are now commemorated by a ship-shaped playground for children.”

 The Tivoli residential area developed by Metro Capital is located 200 meters from the sea, in the vicinity of Kadrioru Park. The addresses of the buildings included in the Tivoli residential quarter are 23 Tuukri St., 2/1 Pikksilma St., 2/2 Pikksilma St. and 3 Kiikri St. The houses were designed by the acknowledged architect, Hanno Grosschmidt, from the architectural bureau HG Arhitektuur OÜ.

The buildings are five levels high, plus an underground car park. The total volume of the Tivoli residential area development is 122 apartments. Metro Capital also built an extension of Tuukri Street with a cycle and pedestrian track with the first buildings, thanks to which the cycle and pedestrian track running in parallel with Pirita promenade now begins from the Tivoli residential area.