16. Aug 2016

Nordecon builds two new apartment buildings on Hane Street in Linnuküla

At the beginning of September, Nordecon starts the construction works of two 15-apartment buildings on the properties of Hane 2 and 2a. Both apartment buildings have 3 storeys, and the unrepaired street section of Hane Street will also be reconstructed. The buildings are completed as the development project of Nordecon itself.

"In every construction segment, Nordecon attempts to deliver high quality works. Although there the residential construction section may be very busy in Tallinn at the moment — already a boom according to the media — we do not take unnecessary risks. I am certain that the Hane by-street houses developed by Nordecon are at a good location, with important added values and, naturally, Nordecon ensures high construction quality," said Jaano Vink, the Chairman of the Management Board of AS Nordecon.

 "The so-called Linnuküla in Lilleküla region is one of the most appreciated and coziest residential areas in Tallinn — it is close to the city centre, but at the same time it has small, quiet streets and small houses," said Aare Ruubel, the residential development project manager of AS Nordecon. "Hane 2 and 2a apartment buildings will be built in the area that is landscaped with tall plants, it is close to shops, public transport, schools and kindergartens."

 The buildings are designed by Irina Raud and Erkki Tammeleht, the designers from the architectural bureau R-Konsult. The two new apartment buildings are with contemporary design and three residential storeys and a total of 30 two-, three- and four-room apartments. All the apartments have a balcony or a terrace, the yard has a cozy landscaping and playground areas. The parking spaces, the storerooms and technical facilities are located on the first floors of the buildings.

During the construction works, the unrepaired section of Hane Street will also be reconstructed and a new sidewalk and street lighting will be established.