27. Aug 2019

Nordecon became one of the main sponsors of Saskia Alusalu

Saskia Alusalu, the best Estonian speed skater and the best female athlete in 2018, and the Nordecon AS construction group entered into a sponsorship agreement which will help one of the fastest women on skates in the world to train for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Watch the video. 

“Nordecon’s support is extremely important for me and came just when it was needed. I am very grateful for this, as it will help me focus on what I love most – skating fast,” said Saskia Alusalu about the cooperation. “I would like to continue to develop, become even more professional, and be tough competition for my competitors. Keeping all this in mind, I am working consistently and am focussing on the next Olympic Games which will take place in Beijing in 2022.”


“Saskia is an exceptionally dedicated young athlete: her efforts and achievements set an example to athletes as well as to everyone else,” said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon AS. “Sponsorship agreements between large companies and athletes have become rarer in the last few years – it is a trend which we are attempting to break by setting an example. Estonian athletes must be supported by Estonian businesses and it is the aim of Nordecon to support young people in developing, training, and working in the name of their goals. All sponsorship agreements entered into by Nordecon are based on these prerequisites.”


“The most important performances of the beginning season will be at the European and World Championships which will be held in the first half of the new year. I am currently planning to take part in all six World Cup stages, in which I will participate in my main disciplines, 3000 m and mass start,” added Saskia Alusalu.


Saskia Alusalu has the Estonian national record holder in all speed skating disciplines since 2009. She has 38 Estonian speed skating champion titles and holds 85 Estonian records.