30. Jul 2018

Nordecon AS contracted to build a new apartment building

Nordecon AS and Valge 16 OÜ have concluded a contract for the design and construction works of an apartment building. A five-storey apartment building shall be constructed at Valge Str. 16. The construction cost of the project is 6.6 million euros, excl. VAT.

“Many apartments in the new residential building being built at the edge of city centre and next to Kadrioru Park shall have a seaview in the future,” said Ando Voogma, a member of the management board of Nordecon AS.

The building has five above-ground-level floors and one parking floor below ground level. The gross surface area of the 112-apartment residential building is 10,165.2 square meters, and it is scheduled for completion in November 2019.


  • Number of floors 6 (5 above ground level + 1 below ground level)
  • Apartments 112
  • Gross surface area of the building: 10,165.2 m2
  • End of construction of the object: November 2019
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Cost of construction: 6.6 million euros, excl. VAT
  • Developer: Valge 16 OÜ
  • Architect: Tiivi Torim
  • Sales information: 1Partner Kinnisvara Tallinn OÜ