23. Apr 2019

Nordecon and the Road Administration entered into a contract for construction works on Kernu bypass

AS Nordecon and the Estonian Road Administration entered into a contract for construction works on Kernu bypass at kilometres 37-42 of national road no. 4, the Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla Road, and the junctions at the Kernu filling station and Haiba. The works cost 11.616 million euros plus value added tax.

“The Kernu bypass project is a continuation of the 2+1 Ääsmäe-Kohatu road section completed last year which was also constructed by Nordecon AS,” explained Janar Tükk, Head of Construction Department of Northern Region of the Road Administration.


“Building Kernu bypass will result in a significantly higher level of traffic safety on the road. The traffic passing through Kernu Village will be led past the village to a new route: this is certainly good news for the residents of Kernu Village, as well as for all road users,” said Ando Voogma, Board Member of Nordecon AS. “The bypass solution will include 2+1 overtaking zones, a crash barrier in the middle, and the maximum permitted speed will be 100 km/h. The speed of the traffic passing through the village today is restricted to 60 km/h. The new road will improve the level of traffic safety for the through transit, as well as the local traffic and will make overtaking safer.”


The new route of Pärnu Road will turn right from the current highway right after the filling station of Kernu and will mainly pass through fields and rare forested areas. Crossing with the 11360 secondary road is organised as a grade separated junction. In order to ensure the safety of wild animals, the entire route is designed to be equipped with fences and one crossing where the fence is interrupted in the extent of 100 metres and there is a 1+1 road designed. It is also designed to include seven frog culverts under the road.

The project includes construction of the pavement, construction of embankments, construction of utility networks, culverts and drainage, construction of overpasses, planting of greenery, installation of traffic control devices, laying of asphaltic concrete. Cycle and pedestrian tracks will be built for pedestrians. The estimated speed of traffic on the new section of road will be 100 km/h. The current section of road in Kernu will be serving the local traffic.


The construction works on Kernu bypass will last 20 months, the works will commence in April/May 2019 and will be completed by the end of 2020. The main designers areRoadplan OÜ and Skepast&Puhkim OÜ, owner supervision will be executed by Sweco Est OÜ.