28. Feb 2020

Nordecon and the Estonian Road Administration concluded a contract for reconstruction of one thread of the Vaida-Aruvalla I section

Nordecon AS and the Road Administration entered into a contract for reconstruction of one thread in a 4.1 km section at kilometres from 20 898 to 25 000, the Vaida–Aruvalla I section, of national road no. 2, the Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa road. The works will cost 1.945 million euros before value added tax.

According to Viktor Kisseljov, Leading Engineer of Construction of the North Road Maintenance Department of the Road Administration, the purposes of the reconstruction works are increasing the level of traffic safety, making the road more comfortable to drive, and improving the load-bearing capacity of the road.


“The Tallinn-Tartu highway, including the section between Vaida and Aruvalla, is one of the most densely used highways in Estonia. Within the framework of the contract, we will reconstruct a 4.1 km section within six month and will also install a fence to keep away game in order to ensure safety,” said Ando Voogma, Board Member of Nordecon AS.


Within the framework of the contract, a 4.1 km thread in the direction of Tartu will be reconstructed. Three layers of asphalt will be installed on a complex stabilised surface. A 3.3 km section will also be equipped with a fence to keep away game. The works will be completed within 180 days.