26. Oct 2016

Nordecon and Road Administration signed the contract for the construction of first 2+1 passing lanes on Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla road

AS Nordecon and the Estonian Road Administration signed the contract for the construction of passing lanes on Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla road, at Ääsmäe-Kohatu section. It is one of the first road sections in Estonia, which will have 2+1 passing lanes. The construction costs will be 11,2 Million euros + VAT.

“From the perspective of traffic safety, it would be best not to pass other cars while driving on a motorway at all, but sometimes overtaking slow vehicles is still inevitable. There has been a lot of discussion in Estonia about not having the resources and not being rational to change all bigger roads to 4-lane roads. The rational solution is to establish at least 2+1 passing lanes on the bigger roads, which would guarantee more comfortable driving and definitely increase safety,” says Avo Ambur, Member of Board of AS Nordecon. As ordered by the Estonian Road Administration, Nordecon will reconstruct a 9 kilometer section of Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla road, so that on both sides there will be a total of 6 alternating passing lanes with a length from 900 to 1527 meters.”

The 9 kilometer Ääsmäe-Kohatu section of Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla road (kilometers 28-37) will be reconstructed to a 2+1 road, including U-turns. Solutions for local traffic will also be completed. “In addition to reconstruction works of the main road, we will build an ecoduct, take down the existing Kernu bridge and construct a new one instead,” says Avo Ambur.

Among other tasks, Nordecon will develop the project of the U-turn, which will have a new location, do the surface material calculations and strength calculations of the ecoduct. “The contract includes covering approximately 70 000m² of secondary roads. The period of the project is 13 months, i.e. works will be ready in the end of November 2017.