16. Feb 2017

Nordecon and Kaarsilla Kinnisvara held a roof truss party of Viimsi Äritare

Yesrterday, on November 15 Nordecon and Kaarsilla Kinnisvara held a roof truss party in Viimsi to celebrate achieving the maximum height of the most modern office building in Viimsi. A roof truss wreath was brought down by Nordecon’s project manager Kaido Aunre.

“The cooperation with Nordecon has worked very well already since the design phase,” said Mari-Anne Jaagant, the development manager of Kaarsilla Kinnisvara. “The aim of the roof truss party is to praise the constructors for their good work and based on the folklore to ensure that the house will have good luck. Designing Viimsi Äritare we have planned the building in a way that it would be as environmentally friendly as possible, at the same time the location of the building should provide many companies and active people in Viimsi peninsula with an opportunity to have an office closer to home, thus saving time and energy.”

 “We are well on track with construction works and Viimsi Äritare will be completed by the end of summer. As the constructors we are glad that after building Viimsi Keskus we can contribute to Viimsi centre with constructing a modern office building. Today the building has received its dimensional beauty, which means that the construction works have reached the phase, which is worth a little celebration,” said Erkki Suurorg, the board member of Nordecon AS.

 The 3-storey building of Viimsi Äritare will have a total area of about 8000 m2: commercial and catering companies on the first floor, on the second and third floor there will be offices of different sizes, which size and contents can be customised according to the needs. The underground parking lot will have space for 47 cars and the outdoor parking lot for 59 cars.