18. Sep 2017

Nordecon and Haven Kakumäe signed a contract to build 3 apartment buildings to Kakumä

Nordecon AS and Haven Kakumäe OÜ signed a contract to design and build three apartment building to Lesta 10, Kakumäe, Tallinn. Nordecon’s contract is about 11 million Euros, total volume of Haven Kakumäe’s development investments is 70 million Euros. The buildings will be complete by the end of 2018.

“We have built the newest yacht harbour of Estonia to Kakumäe peninsula in Tallinn. Now we are starting the development of apartment buildings and a harbour building to the same area. It will be a beautiful and cohesive place to live, exercise and spend time on your hobbies,” Neeme Kaarma, chairman of the board of Haven Kakumäe OÜ said.

 “The number of private costumers in construction is considerable, and that is a good thing. Housing construction market in Tallinn is particularly active, other sectors in construction show moderate growth,” Ando Voogma, board member of Nordecon ASi stated. “Kakumäe Lesta 10 apartment buildings have a good sales potential, as they are in a well-planned and designed area. The buildings are located by the sea, in a quiet and peaceful area, next to a yacht club, surrounded by lush nature and many opportunities for sports and leisure activities. It also has a good access by sea and by land, on foot and by using means of transportation.”

Three apartment buildings of Lesta 10 have 3stories with total gross area of 10695 m² and net area of 9410 m². The buildings have 55 2–5 room apartments in total. An underground car park connects all the buildings. Every stairwell has elevators that go to the insulated car park.

 The apartments have a spacious layout, with 3-meter-high ceilings, floor heating and windows from floor to ceiling to provide plenty of light. The apartments are equipped with the „Smart Home“ system, the windows have automatic blinds. Every apartment has an option for a sauna.

 Lesta 10 apartment buildings are located by the sea next to Haven Kakumäe yacht club. The apartment buildings are 15 minutes from Tallinn city centre, about 5 minutes from Rocca al Mare shopping centre, 5 minutes from Kakumäe beach and about 25 minutes from Tallinn airport.