18. Sep 2018

Nordecon and Haven Kakumäe held the topping out event of the Lesta 10 apartment house

Nordecon AS and Haven Kakumäe OÜ held a topping out event at the Lesta 10 apartment buildings next to yacht harbour Haven Kakumäe. 3-storyapartment buildings have reached their maximum height; thehouses will be completed by spring 2019. 

“The Lesta 10 apartment buildings are for those who want to live near the sea and nature, and at the same time enjoy in the areaa functional infrastructure - the houses are only 10 kilometers from the city center. We use a lot of innovative materials in the building, for example, the phenol heat insulation is used on the facade, the windows of the houses are triple-glazed,” said Neeme Kaarma, Chairman of the Board of Haven Kakumäe OÜ.


"The Kakumäe Peninsula is a naturally beautiful place, and the construction work does not strive for heights. In the current stage of construction one can already begin to see what the houses are going to look like and how well they will fit in the environment: a relaxed, area for a low rise settlement,” said Gerd Müller, Chairman of the Board of Nordecon AS.


The three apartment buildings at Lesta 10  are 3-storyhouses, with a total building area of 10695 m² and a net area of 9410 m². There isa totalof 55 apartments in the three buildings; theapartments have 2-5 rooms. The houses are connected by an underground parking lot. Lifts lead from each staircase to an insulated parking lot. The apartments are spacious, with high, 3-meter ceilings, floor heating and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide plenty of light. The apartments are equipped with a "smart home" system; windowshave automatic blinds. Almost everyapartment has a sauna option.


The Lesta 10 apartment buildings are located next to the Haven Kakumäe Yacht Club on the seafront. The apartment buildings are located 15 minutes from the center of Tallinn, about 5 minutes from Rocca al Mare Shopping Center, 5 minutes from Kakumäe Beach and about 25 minutes from the Tallinn Airport.